Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes are so fun to make!  A great gift you can personalize.

diaper cake 7

6 Basic essentials you need for any diaper cake!

~Round Platter (Usually any dollar store has this)

~Diaper’s (I used 112 count pampers baby dry size 2)

~Ribbon ( I used burlap)

~Basket wrap (Also at dollar store)

~Rubber bands (large and really small ones found in the hair section)

~Safety pins

For the rest I try to get things off a registry if they have one.  I love to have a theme! The one I created here is a monkey safari theme.  I like to use bottles in the middle of the cake for strength and to put a sweet treat in for the Mom.


For the tiers of the cake I used:

Bottom 48

Middle 32

Top 20

Tip Top 6

I had 6 diapers left over.  You can keep these for another cake or put them in a gift bag for the Mom.

Role diapers up in the small rubber bands.  Place a large rubber band around bottle and add diapers around the bottle.


Once a tier is done you can wrap your ribbon around it securing it with a safety pin.

Time to start decorating!  Sometimes I like to use a smaller ribbon on top of the larger ribbon to give it a little contrast.  Also I like to pick something for the top that goes along with the theme.  Using hats work really well or a cute stuffed animal.  You can put items any wear they fit or whatever you think looks good.  This does not have to be perfect have fun with it!


Last but not least I wrap it up.  It keeps the diapers clean and makes the gift look great!








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