Valentine’s Day Dinosaur Box


Easy to make!

There are so many great ideas for valentine boxes.  This year we decided to make a dinosaur.  Super easy and didn’t cost a thing!


shoe box

green paint

paint brush

black and red paper

2 eyes

glue and tape


Give your shoe box a coat of paint and allow to dry.  Make sure you put something under where you are painting.  Makes for easier clean up.



After drying get a sharp knife or whatever you feel comfortable for cutting the mouth. Make sure your opening is big enough to slide those valentines in!

Cut the black paper to make some spikes for the top and back side of the box.  After you have cut and sized your spikes to the box.  Fold the strait edge of the spikes and tape to the top and side of your dinosaur.

Last but not least cut 2 hearts any size you like for eyes.  Glue eyes on inside of hearts.  Then glue your hearts on ether side of your dinosaur box.



You can always customize your dinosaur with your child’s name or dress it up with some more hearts.  If your child doesn’t like green any color will work great.   This is a fun and easy project that anyone can do!


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