Pirate Valentines

Every year I love to make Valentines for my son’s class.  This years pirate theme was decided by some clearance finds.  I got the pirate bubbles and tattoos for 75% off  last Valentines Day.  Only thing I needed to do this Valentines Day was to add some chocolate coins, bag it, and tag it!

The easiest way to make some quick tags! 

I used Microsoft word or you can use any program you have on your computer.  I picked a cute pirate icon and typed a pirate themed message.  Copy and paste your icon and saying enough times for everyone in the class.  To cut the tags I use this handy cutter, but if you don’t have one scissors work just fine.  To finish the tags punch a hole at the top and add a cute heart sticker (also found on clearance).


Ready to Assemble!


I always have these bags on hand.  You can find them at any dollar store. Add coins, bubbles, and tattoos to the bag.  Fasten the top and add the tag!

All done and ready for the class Valentines Party!  Fun and easy for anyone to make.  See what you can find on clearance after Valentines Day.  You never know what you will find!


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