“Cat in the Hat” Stove Pipe Hat

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

This year my son was asked to decorate a “Cat in the Hat” stove pipe hat to wear to school to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday on March 2nd.


The kids were ready to start on the project as soon as they got home.  So for materials I had to use what was around the house.

This is what I found!


fabric markers

star stickers

gold glitter glue

Handy Tools

glue gun


fabric cutters

First the kids decided what they wanted to put on their hat and a cake seemed perfect!  Cut out some cake pieces from the felt any size or shape you want.  Don’t forget to warm up the glue gun.


Glue felt pieces on the hat and let cool.


Time to decorate!

Let your child draw on birthday candles, stick on stars, and write Happy Birthday!

Have fun and be creative.  Let your child do the work with a little guidance. Using the glue gun is always a favorite!

Don’t forget about the back!


Cut and hot glue 2 red pieces of felt to fit the stitching on the hat.

What a great tribute to Dr. Suess’s Birthday!  So glad I saved that extra felt I had leftover from another project and didn’t have to run to the store.  I saved money and time on this one which is sometimes not the case.  Having a hot glue gun is a great investment escpicllay for projects as your kids advance in school.  It’s always a great idea to start a craft box because you know there will be more projects to come!

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