Cheap and Awesome Easter Baskets!

I try not to spend a fortune on my kids for Easter. Especially this year because we are saving up to go somewhere warm and sunny.  So I set myself a $20.00 spending limit for each child. After all, the Easter Bunny is not Santa Claus.

I love to shop for clearance deals!  This year I started at Target.  I always shop the ends of the isles and look for the red clearance stickers.

I found some really great deals, especially on the Frozen watch and the hair bands.  The hair bands had no tag and the lady at the check out gave them to me for a $1.00!  I purchased half the items at Target and then went to Dollar General to see what other deals I could find.

You can select a theme for your Easter basket or just put whatever your child enjoys. This year I was looking for things to occupy my children in the car for our trip. Snacks and candy are always must haves in an Easter basket!   Every year I make sure to purchase a toothbrush and chocolate bunny.

Frozen watch                         $2.98

Hair bands                              $1.00

Drink                                         $2.25

Chocolate bunny                    $1.00

Chocolate coins                      $1.00

Gold fish crackers                  $1.00

Caramel creams                      $1.00

Stuffed pink bunny                $1.00

2 stick cheese snacks            $o.50

Big crayon                                 $1.98

Mini colored pencils              $2.98

Small notebook                       $0.50

Toothbrush                               $2.72

Total                                            $19.91


As for the basket, I use the same one every year.  On my child’s first Easter I buy a really nice basket to last throughout the years.


A nice overflowing basket for only $20.00!!


Wrap up your basket and dress it up with a bow.  All ready for Easter morning!


If you don’t have a basket another great option that’s even cheaper is a plastic pail!  This pail I found for $1.00 at Dollar General.  I took out some of the bigger items that I had in the basket that would not fit in the pail.

Grand total for this option $14.07


If you start your Easter shopping early you tend to find better deals. Plus you won’t get stressed out trying to do this days before Easter.

Have fun playing the Easter Bunny!

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