Easter Basket on a Budget!

This Easter basket I made for my son!  I set a budget of $20.00 this year.  I put all his favorite things in it and still came in under budget.  He’s into Pokemon cards and they can be pretty pricey.  I scored some great clearance deals some of the same deals I scored for my daughters Cheap and Awesome Easter Basket!

Again I shopped the ends of the isles every where I went.  I went after Valentines Day and got this Lego set half off for a $1.99 at Target.  Walmart had clearance toothbrushes for a $1.00 and Dollar General had reasonably priced snacks.  Sometimes I find my best deals shopping after Holidays.

Every year I always make sure to put snacks, candy, chocolate bunny, and a tooth brush in the basket.


Note book                                $0.50

Giant crayon                           $1.98

Lego set                                    $1.99

Colored pencils                      $2.98

Pokemon cards                      $4.19

Chips                                        $0.65

Chocolate money                 $1.00

Tooth Brush                          $1.00

2 cheese stick snacks        $0.50

Gum                                        $2.99

Carmel creams                    $1.00

Drink                                      $1.00

TOTAL:                                $19.78

I use the same blue basket every year. No hassle of having to store or buy and new one . I even use the same Easter grass!  But if after the years it starts to look dingy I will replace it.

A great Easter Basket for only $20.00!


If you don’t have a basket another great option that’s even cheaper is a plastic pail!  This pail I found for $1.00 at Dollar General.  I took out some of the bigger items that I had in the basket that would not fit in the pail.

This version came in at $15.00


Don’t stress!  Whipping up and Easter basket may look over whelming.  Always start with a list, go to your favorite stores, and have fun with it!

Playing the Easter Bunny is the best!!

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