Tips to the Perfect Smoothie!

I love making smoothies!  Its a great way to get a ton of nutrition in one cup.  Everyone  is always asking me what I put in mine and really its just what I have on hand in my house.


Always add a banana!  I love the creamy texture it adds to the smoothie.

Lots of Fruit. Whatever fruit you have on hand.  I use fresh and frozen and even leave the skin on my apple for great extra nutrition.

Add a veggie. I always use spinach.  It has a much milder taste than kale or other types of greens.  If I run out of spinach I will add some carrots.

Flax and chia seed.  Great source of fiber!  Here’s how I make my mix.  Chia flax seed mix

Greek yogurt.  Great for lots of protein and love the creamy texture.  Make sure when buying this product it only has two ingredients listed on the label.  Certain companies are adding chemical fillers to make their yogurt!  

Use a great blender!  I have a nutria bullet and I love it!  I do not enjoy a chunky, stringy smoothie its worth the investment!


A smoothie a day keeps the doctor away!

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